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Turnkey Solutions

Design Services

CAD Design

Our CAD design service helps you obtain 3D CAD assemblies, drawings and bill of materials for your project. We can work on:
  • A new custom design from scratch
  • Existing design requiring changes

Functional Design

We work with CAD models and carry out all the ncessary simulations to ensure that your design meets your functional requirements. We provide you:
  • A complete and up-to-date assemblies
  • Updated drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Simulation results

Simulation Support

Low Frequency

For DC and low frequency, i.e., problem size much less than the wavelength, we offer a complete range of simulation capabilities. Sample applications:

High Frequency

For RF, microwave and millimeter wave devices, components and subsystems we offer comprehensive simulation solutions. Sample applications:


Our multi-physics simulation capabilies add various coupling options to both our low and high frequency packages. Coupling options include
  • Rigid body motion
  • Electro-thermal
  • Electro-structural (deformation)
  • Electro-thermo-structural

Prototyping & Turnkey Solutions

We have extensive experience in the design, prototyping and testing for electrical and electronic systems. We use the leading in-house and third-party software tools in the industry for all our design work. In addition to having the ability to carry out in-house prototyping for basics design, we have an established network of professional protyping services in North America and South East Asia. Our team has world-class test and measurement expertise and state of the art test equipment between our Tunisia and Canada offices.

You can count on our expertise, our facilities and our established track record of delivering high tech solution to leading clients in North America and throughout the world to work with you and help you develop the turnkey solutions you need on-budget and on-time.

Sample Completed Turnkey Projects